Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras


Foreign nationals convicted for using passports with forged visas and stamps

Ten foreign nationals, of Hindustani origin, have been convicted by the Court of the Judicial District of Faro to fines for forgery of border visa stickers and stamps affixed to their passports. The foreign nationals, aged between 25 and 43 years-old, have submitted to the Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) passports with forged French border visas and stamps, with the purpose to legally entre and acquired the right to the issue of residence permits, with the grounds that they have a work activity.

Because SEF has detected and demonstrated that the border visa stickers and stamps were forged, an investigation began in which it has been established that each of the foreign nationals have been paid huge amounts, about thousands of Euros, to illegal immigration networks.

The forged visas have been issued at the country of origin of the immigrants, good quality forgeries, allowing them to cross borders of several countries, including of Europe, until they arrived to Portugal.

The fines applied, between 130 and 180 fine-days, have resulted of the fact that the immigrants have used the false document, without being the perpetrators of the forgeries, and motivated by the sole wish to leave their country for better living conditions.

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