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  • 15 January 2020 | SEF carries out operation in the centre of the country

    ​Under the investigations coordinated by the Public Prosecution related with the crimes of assisting unlawful immigration, vice and using the activity of illegally staying foreign nationals, the Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) has carried out searches to two night entertainment establishments, residential areas and vehicles, in a total of ten warrants complied with.

    During this operation, which has been held in Batalha area and Oliveira de Frades last Sunday, three nationals have been made defendants.

    In total, 50 citizens have been identified, 20 of which foreign nationals, in particular from South America. Five citizens had their documentation in an illegal situation in the national territory, and two have been notified for voluntarily leaving the country within twenty days, subject to, in case of non-compliance, being detained and subject to forced return. The remainder have been notified to attend SEF, once they had their legalisation procedures ongoing.

    In addition to the several documentation and objects associated to the crimes under investigation, in particular those related with the exploitation of prostitution, about nine thousand euros and a forbidden weapon have been apprehended.

    Further, administrative offences have been started to the establishments searched, for using the activity of a illegally staying foreign national.

    About two dozens of SEF operatives have been involved in this operation.

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  • 10 January 2020 | SEF detains three citizens for suspicion of association in assisting unlawful immigration and trafficking in human beings

    ​The Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) has detained, yesterday, three citizens, pastors of a religious organisation, on the suspicion of association in assisting unlawful immigration and trafficking in human beings.

    In addition to three arrest warrants, SEF has further complied with five house searches in the area of Great Lisboa.

    In sites of the searches, about three dozens of foreign nationals from South America have been identified, accommodated in different places of worships, under very poor conditions.

    The foreign nationals, raised by the religious organisation in the country of origin, were mostly illegally staying in Portugal, carrying out a subordinate activity without the necessary valid legal permit.

    In addition to the working conditions, accommodation and sanitation in which they have been detected, the foreign nationals, amongst which children, were subject to the payment of amounts of money to the religious organisation.

    The detainees are to be brought before the court today for the first interrogation and implementation of cautionary measures.

    In total, 55 SEF elements have participated.

    The SEF investigation will proceed.

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  • 2 January 2020 | SEF detains three passengers with false documents at Lisboa Airport

    ​The Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) has detained, during this week, at Lisboa Airport, three foreign nationals holding forged documents.

    One of the passengers has been detected at the flight control to Toronto, in possession of an identity card, one passport and one driver's licence, allegedly issued by Italy, all counterfeit.

    In another flight to the same destination, a foreign national has been detected as well, holding a passport, issued by Canada, in which the biodata page had been replaced and one counterfeit driver's licence.

    Also, in a flight to Manchester, one passenger has been detected holding an identity card, issued by Italy, in which the photograph had been exchanged as well.

    All fraudulent documents were handed over in court, together with the detainees.

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