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  • 18 July 2019 | SEF investigation: defendants accused for 85 crimes of swindling and forgery of documents

    ​The Department of Investigation and Penal Action of Lisboa has delivered a charge order against two defendants for the commitment of 85 crimes of swindling and forgery of documents, resulting in the investigation developed over the last two years by the Immigration and Borders Service (SEF).

    The investigation began in the detention of several cases of foreign nationals, mostly Brazilian citizens attending at SEF bureaus to deal with their paperwork in the national territory, confronted with the inexistence of any appointment in their behalf.

    According to the accusation, the investigation allowed to determine that one of the defendants has planned to deceive the foreign nationals found in a particularly vulnerable situation in the national territory. In the execution of that plan, the defendant, identifying as a lawyer, ensured the foreign nationals that, by means of his acquaintances and contacts within SEF, he would ease and deal with the procedures, and would, in particular, made appointments easily.

    For those services, he would receive sums of money ranging from €150 to €350. Considering the dimension of the scheme and the volume of citizens deceived, a second individual would join the charged as well.

    The defendant would announce his activity on social media, in particular on Facebook, taking into consideration the site where he would publish his legal services and further announcing them on pages linked and visited by the Brazilian community at Lisboa area. After a phone call from those citizens, the defendant would gather his document to, allegedly handle the residence process within SEF. He would later on hand over a forged document with the appointment put on. Close to the date scheduled he would get in contact with those peoples to inform that due to SEF's constraints, the appointment would be rescheduled for a later date, by delaying to the maximum the false appointments with new and consecutive alternative dates.

    The deceit was finally discovered when the Brazilian citizens would attend at SEF bureaus and were informed of the deceit in which they had fallen to.

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  • 9 July 2019 | SEF detains two suspects for trafficking in human beings

    ​The Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) has complied, today, with two arrest warrants on suspicion of the crimes of trafficking in human beings, assisting unlawful immigration and collecting illegal labour. In addition, three house search warrants and six vehicle search warrants have been complied with.

    The operation “Fratello" (brother), carried out in Alcácer do Sal and Beja areas, led to the identification of fifteen foreign nationals from Eastern Europe living, most part, under degrading conditions as far labour conditions, accommodation and healthiness concern. These are victims of labour exploitation, by and large men. The citizens have been duly flagged as victims of trafficking in human beings, and all the necessary support has been made available. In the field, members of the Victim Support Network, in Alentejo, have also been present to ensure the proper treatment of the situations detected.

    During the searches, several evidences of the criminal activity, such as money, mobile phones and laptops have been apprehended, as well as 11000 homemade cigarettes in packs of 20 units each sold to the workers, whose value was deducted in their salary.

    The citizens held, brothers also from Eastern Europe, were recruiting workers at their country of origin by grooming for better living conditions. Already in the national territory, the victims ended up by being exploited in farms in the preparation of the olive harvesting campaign. Many ended up deprived of their salary and physical violence was involved.

    The detainees will be brought before the competent court tomorrow for the enforcement of the corresponding cautionary measures.

    It is an investigation delegated on SEF by the Public Prosecution of Évora, as a result of a complaint. During this investigation, five other victims of trafficking, currently in safe houses, had already been flagged.

    In total, 24 SEF operatives were involved.

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  • 8 July 2019 | SEF detains four passengers with false documents at Lisboa Airport

    ​The Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) has detained, this weekend, at Lisboa Airport, two foreign nationals holding fraudulent documents.

    In the border check to Dublin, SEF has detained one passenger holding a counterfeit passport issued by the Czech Republic. At the passenger control to Guinea-Bissau, a foreign national holding someone else's document has been detained.

    By the end of the week, two foreign nationals had also been detected holding false Italian identity cards, documents which had been stolen blank.

    All the false documents were handed over in court, together with the detainees.

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