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  • 21 September 2021 | SEF detains two foreign nationals with falsified documents

    The Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) has detained, yesterday, at Porto Airport, two foreign nationals trying to board on a flight to Manchester, the United Kingdom, for holding Italian identity cards with strong evidence of forgery.

    In addition, the inspectors have detected, in the possession of one of the citizens, two other counterfeit Italian identity documents.

    After having being faced with the evidence of forgery, the detainees ended up by showing the passports, and their true nationality has been confirmed.

    They have been brought before the Judicial Court of the judicial district of Maia, and the cautionary measure of being led to the Immigration Removal Centre, for removal from the national territory purposes, has been determined, in which SEF has executed the corresponding judicial warrants.

    At Lisboa Airport, SEF has detected six cautionary alerts: one of a missing child; one of an entry ban in the Schengen area; one of a request of judicial whereabouts; and four false HITS on documents.

    The alert on the missing child had been entered within the system by the French authorities. The child was going to Canada, where he studies, in which he had submitted supporting documentary evidence of his emancipation. SEF got in contact with the French authorities, via SIRENE National Bureau, and authorisation to travel has been given to the minor.

    The Immigration and Borders Service has controlled, yesterday, a total of 33.219 people at the external borders.

    A total of 33.219 people has been controlled by the Immigration and Borders Service, yesterday, at the external borders.

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  • 14 September 2021 | SEF detects false passports at Porto Airport

    ​The Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) has detained, this Sunday, at Porto Airport, two foreign nationals for evidence of forgery of documents and illegally staying in the national territory.

    The couple, intended to travel to the United Kingdom, has showed themselves at the border control with passports with strong evidence of forgery.

    They have been brought before the Judicial Court of Maia, and their escort to the border has been determined. They are waiting for boarding at the Accommodation Unit of Santo António, and their removal from the national territory is scheduled within the next days.

    Already at Lisboa Airport, during the weekend, SEF has detected nineteen cautionary measures: ten requests of whereabouts, six for seizure of documents and three cautionary measures for discreet check.

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  • 9 September 2021 | SEF investigation: Brothers accused of exploiting fellow-countrymen in Alentejo

    Following an investigation carried out by the Immigration and Borders Service (SEF), the Department of Investigation and Penal Action of Évora has indicted two foreign nationals and two single-member companies for strong evidence of trafficking in human beings, association in assisting unlawful immigration, assisting unlawful immigration and falsification of documents. In addition, the Public Prosecution has proposed the application of the supplementary penalty of expulsion from the national territory.

    The defendants, two brothers from Eastern Europe, have lured tens of fellow-countrymen of low economic condition to work in Portugal in the farming sector.

    They would manage their transport to several locations of Baixo Alentejo, and, once there, they would lead them to accommodation with precarious and overloaded living conditions.

    With a contract of working providers with the owners of the estates, they would raise, control and exploit the foreign nationals, with the purpose to obtain financial profit with that activity, despite the rights of the workers.

    In general, they would not conclude contracts of employment and would place the victims into farming activities, keeping them living in inhumane conditions. The payment of the rents of the homes they would sleep in would be deducted from their wages, as well as the transport to work, food, water, lighting and gas.

    On the other hand, their overtime would not be paid, nor vacation allowances or Christmas bonus, neither the right for waged holidays.

    In several cases, and before the complaint of the workers, these were threatened by the defendants, physically assaulted and evicted from their homes, and left with no accommodation nor food.

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