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  • 13 November 2018 | ​SEF detects forged documents at Lisboa Airport

    The Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) has detected, yesterday at Lisboa Airport, during a flight control to Manchester and another one to Casablanca, two foreign nationals holding forged documents.

    The passenger following to Manchester showed a forged identity card and an ordinary passport, in the meantime delivered in the proceedings hearing together with the detainee which will be brought before the court today.

    The foreign national intended to travel to Casablanca has showed a forged driver's license, residence permit and ordinary passport.

    SEF will elaborate an expert's report regarding these forged documents.

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  • 13 November 2018 | SEF receives new vehicles for criminal investigation and inspection

    ​The Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) received today nineteen new light passenger vehicles for the investigation and inspection, on a ceremony chaired by the Minister for the Interior, Eduardo Cabrita.

    Consequently, SEF will have its car fleet renovated, considering the last acquisition of vehicles has been in 2015.

    The vehicles will be handed over under a public tender providing the allotment, until 2021, of 64 new vehicles for SEF, with the biggest centralized procurement procedure of vehicles since the centralization regime of the State's Vehicle Fleet implemented in 2008. It is a measure under the Law for Programming of Infrastructures and Equipment of Security Forces and services.

    At the same time, SEF has presented recently one application to the Environment Fund for the assignment of ten electric vehicles.


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  • 12 November 2018 | SEF inspects bus terminals in the centre of the country

    ​The Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) has carried out several inspections in bus terminal in the centre of the country, having detected eight foreign nationals illegally staying in the national territory.

    Four of these have been notified for attending into SEF organic units, for a possible legalisation in the national territory, while three of them have been subject to notifications for leaving the country. One last citizen has been detained for illegally staying and has been brought before the Court, waiting for the procedure for expulsion.

    These actions have occurred last week in bus terminals in Viseu, Guarda, Coimbra, Leiria and Castelo Branco.

    Two dozens of SEF inspectors have participated in this operation, with more than four hundreds of citizens of several foreign nationalities being identified.

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