Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras


SEF complies with an arrest warrant in Vila Verde da Raia

​Under the restoring of the border control with Spain, the Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) has detained, yesterday, at an authorised crossing point of Vila Verde da Raia, a 45-year-old Portuguese national, upon who an arrest warrant was pending for serving an imprisonment sentence for the crime of concealment of stolen goods, as well as a request for the judicial whereabouts for notification of an accusation of drug trafficking.

The detainee has been made a defendant and has been brought to the prison establishment of Vila Verde for serving the sentence.

The citizen was in Belgium, from where he began his travelling, in which the new device developed by SEF, SEF Mobile, had an essential role in the exchange of police/judicial information within the Integrated Information System of this security Service, leading to the interception and further detention.

As a reminder, since last January 31st SEF has already detected more than 320 protective measures at the 18 authorised crossing points between Portugal and Spain.

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