Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras


Post-Brexit arrangement - Border control at national airports without constraints

​Within the first three days of 2021, after the end of Brexit transitional period on December 31st, 1737 domestic passengers from the United Kingdom have been controlled at the several Portuguese Border Posts, in a total of 72 flights, with no record of constraints at the border control.

The Airport with the greatest flow of British passengers has been Faro with 688 passengers, followed by Lisboa with 629, Madeira with 240, Porto with 177 and Tires with 3.

Currently, Order n.º 12727-B/2020 is in force, which authorises air traffic to and from Portugal of every flight from and to non-EU countries or non-Schengen countries, as is the case of the United Kingdom, exclusively to essential travelling (for professional, study, family reunification reasons, for health or humanitarian reasons) or dedicated to allow the traffic or entry and exit from Portugal of third-country nationals, amongst which the United Kingdom, legally staying in Portugal.

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