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Authorised Crossing Points in Land Border

​Until 15 April only the transport of goods will be allowed, cross-border workers and members of the diplomatic body and health in land border between Portugal and Spain.

The authorised crossing points at the land border are as follows:

a) Valença-Viana do Castelo, exit from Tuy-Valença-ligação IP1-A3 Bridge, in Valença, and railway station of Valença;

b) Vila Verde da Raia- Chaves, exit from A52, connection to A24, km 0, near the roundabout;

c) Quintanilha-Bragança, exit from IP4/E 82 International Bridge, exit node to Quintanilha or close to CCPA facilities at N218-1 Quintanilha;

d) Vilar Formoso-Guarda close to the border line, Largo da Fronteira, close to CCPA, N 16/E80, connection 620 Fuentes de Õnoro, Spain, including the railway station of Vilar Formoso and the access through the TIR Parking Lot, truck lane, N16, Vilar Formoso;

e) Termas de Monfortinho-Castelo Branco, junction of N 239 with N 240 in Termas de Monfortinho;

f) Marvão-Portalegre, border line, Marvão, N 521 connection from Valência de Alcântara to IC 13 Marvão;

g) Caia-Elvas, exit from A6 km 158, connection Caia-Elvas, close by the Tourist Office, Elvas;

h) Vila Verde de Ficalho-Beja, close to the borderline, connection A 495 Rosal de la Frontera to IP 8, Serpa;

i) Castro Marim-Praça da Fronteira, km 131 da A22, Guadiana-Castro Marim International Bridge, including the river dock of Vila Real de Santo António.


The constraints of the mentioned traffic do not harm:

a) The right of entry of national citizens and holders of residence permit into their own countries;

b) The free movement of the diplomatic staff, of the Armed Forces and forces and security services;

c) The free movement, in exceptional circumstances, for family reunification of spouses or equivalent until the 1st degree relatives in the direct ascending line;

d) The access to health units, under bilateral agreements related to health care;

e) The right of exit of citizens living in another country.


For more information Resolução do Conselho de Ministros n.º 10-B/2020

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