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SEF Privacy Policy

Information under Article 13 and 14 of the GDPR

Pursuant to and for the purposes of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (hereinafter RGPD) and Law 59/2019 of 8.8 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, we inform you that the personal data provided will be subjected to processing by SEF services.

Information to data subjects:

Controller: Each Member State of the Schengen System, whereby SEF is responsible for the proper functioning and security of the system, pursuant to Article 7 of Regulation 2018/1861 and pursuant to Article 2, paragraph 1 point q) of Decree-Law 240/2012.

Contact of the SEF´s Data Protection Officer:

Purpose of processing: Visa issuance, Passport, Residency titles and documents whaich are within SEF´s competency, Authorized travel on the national border.

Legal basis: compliance with a legal obligation to which the entity is subject and the exercise of functions in the public interest and, in certain cases, consent.

Recipients or categories of recipients: other public services, within the limits of their powers.

Conservation period:

- For the SIS system: 3 years from the date of entry of the alerts into SIS, without prejudice of a longer period establisnhed by law.

- For the VIS system: maximum 5 years, counting down from:

. the date of expiry of the visa, if a visa has been issued;

. the new expiry date of the visa, in case of an extension of a visa;

. from the date of the creation of the application file in the VIS, if the application has been withdrawn, closed or discontinued;

.  the date on which the visa authority took the decision to refuse, annul, shorten or revoke the visa.

- Regarding the SII/SEF: 10 years after the last issue of the documents concerning the holder, after which they may be kept in a historical file for 20 years after the date of that document.

Failure to provide the mandatory personal data will result, as applicable, in the following:

. Not granting of the requested documents

. The non fulfilment of the entry requirements and exit in national territory as provided for in articles 6º and followingof Chapter  II of Law 23/2007 de 4/7 in the last wording

There are no automated decisions.

Rights of Holders:

a. Concerning the SIS system:

The right to access, rectify or delete personal data may be exercised at the National SIRENE Bureau in accordance with Article 3(1)(i) of Legislative Decree 122/2021 of 30 December.

To find out how you can submit the request to exercise your rights and which documents are required, please consult the relevant website of the National SIRENE Bureau installed in the PUC-CPI.

If there is a restriction on their rights, Article 16 and Article 17 (6) to (8) of Law No. 59/2019 of 8 August shall apply.

b. Concerning the VIS (Visa Information System)

You can address your request to one of the following competent national authorities, using the template appropriate to your request:

Avenida do Casal de Cabanas, 1
2734-506 Barcarena, Portugal

Av. Infante Santo, 42, 5.º
1300-179 Lisboa, Portugal

c. Regarding national systems (Borders, SIPEP - Portuguese Electronic Passport Information System and issuance of Documents)

You can address your request to the competent national authority, using the template appropriate to your request:

Avenida do Casal de Cabanas, 1
2734-506 Barcarena, Portugal

You can consult the complete document at:

Privacy Policy SEF (PDF)

You can also complain to the CNPD.

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