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National Integrated Border Management Strategies (PDF​)​​

APIS - Advanced Information Passenger System

Implemented in 2013, the main goal of this system is to improve the efficiency of the border control, increasing the celerity in crossing the border and reinforcing security.

It is a system, which allow having the obligation, by airlines, in transmitting flight and passenger data of all flights from third countries, as soon as the boarding gate is closed.

RAPID – Automatic Recognition of Passengers Identified by Documents

RAPID is an electronic equipment carrying out the Border Control proceedings automatically, forming a new concept at the level of the Immigration and Borders Service. It is implemented in all Portuguese international airports.

In July 2013 a new version of RAPID at Lisbon Airport has been implemented in a new area of border control. Second generation RAPID e-gates are available which, in addition to allow the using of citizen cards, allow the crossing of a passenger with an Electronic Passport in nine seconds.

PASSE – Entry and Exit Automatic and Safe Process

Responding to technological evolution of documentation, SEF has developed a border control system, named as Entry and Exit Automatic and Safe Process (PASSE), which in addition to the control of all kind of passengers, it supports the new version of electronic passports including fingerprints and allows amongst other functionalities:

- Visa Automatic Control;

- Automatic issuance of a visa in the border;

- Validation of the Document and Person according to Schengen, Interpol and Information System Databases and of Protective Measures.

This border control system speeds up and rationalizes resources, allowing the carry out of documental and identity controls in a more quicker, simple and safe manner.

The PASSE system is implemented in Portugal since 2007, in all international airports and seaports.

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