Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras



Assignments and Competencies of SEF at National level: 

a) Surveillance and inspection of the border crossing posts, including the international zone of seaports and airports, and the movement of persons, with powers to prevent the landing of undocumented or irregular passengers and crew members from ships and aircrafts;

b) Prevent the landing of passengers and crew members from ships and aircrafts arriving from seaports or airports considered to pose health risks, without clearance of the health authorities;

c) Check the movement of persons at the border crossing points, and prevent the entry into, and the exit from, national territory of persons who do not meet the legal requirements;

d) Give clearance to and check the entry of persons on board of ships and aircrafts;

e) Control and monitor the permanence and activities of foreign nationals throughout the entire national territory;

f) Conduct mobile controls and joint operations with Portuguese and Spanish counterpart law enforcement authorities;

g) Investigate crimes such as illegal immigrant smuggling, and related crimes, without prejudice to the competences of other authorities;

h) Give opinions on the issuance of consular visas;

i) Grant visas in national territory, extensions of stay, residence permits, and travel documents under the law;

j) Grant the right to family reunion;

k) Act in strict collaboration with the labour inspection authorities on the compliance of rules applicable to the foreign labour force;

l) File, conduct and decide upon proceedings on administrative expulsion of foreigners from National Territory and execute administrative and judicial expulsion orders; and file, conduct and decide upon readmissions proceedings and execute them;

m) Escort non-national inpiduals who have been the object of removal measures;

n) Decide upon Asylum requests and establish which State is responsible for analyzing the applications and implement the transfer of the applicants among EU Member States;

o) Issue Opinions on the proceedings for Acquisition of Portuguese Citizenship by naturalization;

p) Analyze and give opinions on proceedings for grating equal rights of citizenship to non-nationals under international agreements;

q) Manage and secure the communication of data of the National Schengen Information System (NSIS) and, without prejudice to the competences of other authorities, of other information systems shared by the EU Member States, on the control of persons’ movements, as is the case of the Visa Information System (VIS) and the Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS), as well as on the Portuguese Electronic Passport Information System (SIPEP);

r) Cooperate with the diplomatic and consular representations of other States, duly accredited in Portugal, specifically with regards the repatriation of their nationals;

s) Secure the fulfillment of duties / execute the norms laid out in the legislation on entry, permanence, exit and removal of foreigners form national territory;

t) Conduct cooperation relations with all State organs and departments, specifically with the other law enforcement bodies, and with the legally acknowledged NGO’s;

u) Coordinate the cooperation among national and international law enforcement authorities with regards the movement of persons, control of aliens and investigation of migrants’ smuggling and other co-related crimes;

v) Provide planning and technical expertise to the police and Customs Cooperation Centres (CCPA) on information systems, digital operative platforms and communication systems;

w) Grant the Portuguese passport and temporary passport. ​

Assignments and Competencies of SEF at international level:

a) To represent, as ordered by the Government , the Portuguese State in the fora of the European Union, in the Strategic Committee on Immigration, Borders and Asylum; in the Budapest Group and in other international organizations, and to participate in police cooperation working parties on matters directly related to SEF’s mission;

b) To represent, as ordered by the Government , the Portuguese State in the development of the Schengen Acquis within the EU;

c) To deploy liaison officers in order to secure international cooperation commitments as legally determined;

d) Collaborate with foreign counterpart authorities, and agree on forms of cooperation.

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