Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras


The Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) is a security service within the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) that, in the context of internal security policy, is responsible for carrying out checks on persons at the borders, monitoring aliens inside national territory, preventing and fighting organized crime involving illegal immigration and trafficking in human beings, decide upon asylum applications, issuing passports and identification documents to foreign nationals, in order to safeguard internal security and individual rights and freedoms within the global context of the migratory phenomenon. 

As a criminal police body, in the terms of criminal procedural law, SEF acts in the process under the direction and operational dependence of the competent legal authority, implementing the measures determined by that authority and the acts delegated by the same authority.​

SEF is responsible for promoting, coordinating and implementing the measures and actions related to these activities and to migratory movements. Internationally, it is responsible to ensure, as required by the Government, the representation of the Portuguese State in the working groups of the European Union, as well as at international organizations or events related to its expertise area.​


SEF's Mission (PDF) - PT version

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