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13 November 2012
| Conference “Immigration of International Students
European Migration Network
Conference “Immigration of International Students Conference “Immigration of International Students Conference “Immigration of International Students

On the 12th November 2012, The Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service, as National Contact Point of the European Migration Network, held the conference “Immigration of International Students”.

This conference intended to reflect upon and increasing the awareness on the situation of foreign students in Portugal and in the European Union, by calling on a wide spectrum of actors involved in this process in the areas of immigration, education and integration, as well as academic researchers.

During this conference, a study produced by the EMN national contact point on the same theme was launched.

The European Migration Network (EMN) is a structure designed to collect and analyze relevant migration and asylum related information, with a view to supporting policymaking in the European Union and in its Member States (Council Decision2008/381/EC of 14 May 2008).

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