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Regime for Foreign Nationals

Legal framework of entry, permanence, exit and removal of foreigners into and out of national territory

Lei n.º 59/2017, de 31 julho

Act 63/2015, 30th of July

Act 23/2007 of July 4, amended by Act 29/2012 of August 9
The present law establishes the conditions and procedures on the entry, stay, exit and removal of foreign citizens from Portuguese territory, as well as the long-term resident status.

Act 23/2007, 4th July
This Act approves the legal framework of entry, permanence, exit and removal of foreigners into and out of national territory.

Order n.º 15-A/2015 of September 2

Ordinance on setting the administrative fees nº305 – A/2012, of 4 de October 2012
Soon available

Residence for the Nationals of all European Union Member-States (EU) and for their family members in the national territory

Act 37/2006, August 9th

Rules the right of citizens of the European Union and their families to move and reside freely in the national territory and transposes to the internal legal order the European Parliament and Council Directive n.º 2004/38/EC of 29 April.

Bulletin of accommodation

Ordinance n.º 529/2003 (Rectifications)

Approved the software containing the magnetic support for the bulletin of accommodation, envisaged in n.º 3 of article 98 of Decree-Law n.º 244/98, of 8 August, republished by Decree-Law n.º 34/2003, of 25 February.


Order n.º 1661-A/2013
Amends Order n.º 11820-A/2012

Order n.º 11820-A/2012
As defined by paragraph 3, Article 90, the implementing rules for the specific legal mechanism pursuant to this norm is ruled by Order of the members of the government in charge of Foreign Affairs and Internal Affairs.

Decree-Law n.º 34/2003 of 25 February [open PDF]
This law amends Decree-Law N.º 244/1998, 8 August, with the amendments arising from Law N.º 97/1999, 26 of July and by Decree-Law n.º 4/2001 of 10 January, which approves the conditions for the entry, permanence, exit and removal of foreign nationals from Portugal.

Implementing Decree n.º 6/2004,of 26 April
Decree-Law n.º 244/98, of 8 August, with the wording given it by Decree-Law n.º 34/2003, of 25 February, defines the new legal regime for the entry, permanence, exit and removal of foreign nationals from Portugal.

Ordinance n.º 727/2007 of 6th September
The present Ordinance determines the amounts to be charged by the Immigration and Borders Service for administrative procedures

Ordinance n.º 605-A/2005 of 21 July

Ordinance n.º 27-A/2002 (Rectifications)
Fixes the rates charged by the SEF. Revokes Ordinance n.º 72/99, of 29 January

Ordinance n.º 665/99, of 18 August
Fixes the rates due for the issue and renewal of residence permits.

Decree-Law n.º 60/93, of 3 March
Special regime for the entry, permanence and exit of foreign nationals from the member states of the European Union, including their family members, and Portuguese nationals. (with the amendments introduced by Decree-Law n.º 250/98 of 11 August)

Ordinance n. º 1637/2006
Aproves the models of the register certificate, the residence card of the family member of the citizen of the European Union, the permanent residence certificate of the citizen of the European Union and the permanent residence card of family member of his/her family member, according to the Law n.º 37/2006, of August 9th.

Asylum Regime
Act 26/2014, 5th May
Republication of Law N.º 27/2008 of 30 June 2008

Act n.º 27/2008 of 30 June

Establishes the conditions and procedures for granting asylum or subsidiary protection and the status of asylum, refugee and subsidiary protection to applicants, by transposing into the national legal framework Directives numbers 2004/83 EC, of the Council, of 29 April; and 2005/85 EC, of the Council of 1 December.

Law n.º 15/98, of 26 March
Lays down the new juridical-legal regime for asylum and refugees.

Guide for Aylum Seekers

Law n.º 20/98, of 12 May
Lays down the regulations for foreign nationals to work in Portugal.

Law n.º 35/2004, of 29 July 2004

Status of Equality
Resolution passed by the Assembleia da República 83/2000 of 14 December
Approved the Treaty for Friendship, Co-operation and Consultation between the Portuguese Republic and the Federal Republic of Brazil, signed in Porto Seguro on 22 April 2000

Decree-Law 138/2006, of July 26th
Amendment of Decree-Law n.º 83/2000, 11 May, which approved the new legal regime for granting and issuing passports.

Decree-Law n.º 83/2000, 11 May
Approved the new legal regime for granting and issuing passports.

Decree-Law n.º 108/04 of 11 May (amendment to Decree-Law nº 83/00 of 11 May)
Amendment on the exit of minors and the attribution of special passports for workers employed in the foreign services of the Foreign Ministry.

Decree-Law n.º 86/2000, 12 May
Approves the regime that regulates the data bases used for issuing passports.

International Associations
Decree-Law nº594/74 of 7 November
Recognises and regulates the right to association

Requests for software
Accommodation Bulletins
Requisition for software for Hotel Units
This page is used to make a formal request for software for submitting Accommodation Bulletins.

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