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Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras, abbreviated to SEF, is a security service organised vertically under the Ministry of Home Affairs. It has administrative autonomy and its fundamental objectives within the internal security policy include border control of persons, leave to stay and the activities of foreigners in Portugal, as well as the study, promotion, coordination and execution of measures and actions related to these activities and migratory flows.

As a criminal police body, in the terms of criminal procedural law, SEF acts in the process under the direction and operational dependence of the competent legal authority, implementing the measures determined by that authority and the acts delegated by the same authority.

Corporate Flyer - Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (PDF)

Investigation and fiscalization (PHOTOS)

              Preventing and Combating Trafficking in Human Beings (PDF)

Border Control (PHOTOS)

             RAPID - Electronic Border (PDF)

Documentation (PHOTOS)

             SEF Contact Centre (PDF)
             The Official Website of Portuguese Immigration (PDF)

Asylum and Refugees (PDF)

Document Examination (PHOTOS)

Travel Documents 

           Portuguese Electronic Passport (PEP Website) 
           Special Passport (PDF) 
           SEF Passport Customer Service Bureaus / Lisbon and Oporto Airports (PEP Website)

International Representation (PHOTOS)

           Frontex (PDF)
           CPLP (PDF)


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