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Ordinance n° 665/99 of 18 August

In agreement with what is laid down in n° 1 of article 29 Decree-Law nº 60/93, of 3 March, the charges due for the issue and renewal of the residence permits envisaged in sub-paragraphs a) and c) of n° 1 of article 15 of the same law, are fixed by ordinance of the Minister of Home Affairs.

In the terms of nº 2 of article 29, these charges also apply to the residence permit envisaged in sub-paragraph b) of nº 1 of article 15, except when holders are not nationals of a member State of the EU, in which case the general law applies.

Therefore, under the ruling in n° 1 of article 29 of Decree-Law n.º 60/93, of 3 March:

The Government, through the Minister of Home Affairs, rules the following:

1. Charges due for the issue and renewal of residence permits, to which this ordinance refers, as well as the issue of certificates and photocopying the archive documents referring to them, are those shown in the table attached.

2. The amounts fixed in the table referred to in the previous number will be revised automatically, in harmony with the corresponding sums for issuing an identity card.

By the Minister of Home Affairs, Armando António Martins Vara, Deputy Secretary of State for the Minister of Home Affairs, on 21 July 1999.



  1. For issuing and renewing the residence permits indicated below the charge is 510$:
    1. Residence card for a national of a member State of the European Union;
    2. Residence card;
    3. Temporary residence card issued to nationals of the member States of the European Union.
  2. Each certificate or photocopy of an archive document costs 160$.
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