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Organic Law


Final and transitory provisions

Article 70.º

Objects reverting to SEF
  1. Items seized by SEF that are declared lost to the benefit of the State, shall be allocated when:
    1. These are documents, arms, munitions, vehicles, telecommunications equipment or others of criminal interest;
    2. Those resulting from complying with international conventions and are correlated with illegal immigration.
  2. The utility of the items referred to in sub-paragraph a) of n°1 should be proposed by SEF in the final report of the respective crime case.

Article 71.º

Exemption from toll charges SEF vehicles are exempt from the payment of any charge on bridges and motorways.

Article 72.º

Management Personnel
  1. When this organic law comes into force, all service commissions of management staff cease, but in the meantime, these staff members will continue their regular duties of routine management until new appointments are made for these duties.
  2. Until the legislation envisaged in article 64 is published, the management staff who, after this law comes into force, continue their duties in the terms envisaged in the previous number and who are appointed to the positions envisaged in n° 1 of article 65, the ruling in article 72 of Decree-Law n° 440/86, of 31 December, is applicable.
  3. Without prejudice to the ruling in article 67, during the transitional period of 1 year, recruitment to the position of head of department can be done from among the officers of the Armed Forces or the security forces, as envisaged in n° 7 of article 4 of the status of management staff in the civil service, from among specialists higher than level 4 and, in both cases, working in the respective area for more than four years.

Article 73.º

Personnel exercising duties in SEF
  1. Management staff in service on the date this law comes into force, who are from other Public Administration agencies, who do not fill any of the managerial positions on the management personnel chart attached, return to the respective service of origin unless, within thirty days, counting from the date on which this law comes into force as envisaged in article 64, they choose to join SEF staff.
  2. Personnel who have been requisitioned and who, on the date on which this law comes into force, are working in SEF, may for a period of one year counting from the date on which the law envisaged in article 64 comes into force, be part of the SEF staff.
  3. Once the period referred to in the previous article has elapsed, personnel who do not choose to be part of SEF staff will return to their respective services of origin.

Article 74.º

Guarantees Personnel commissioned for SEF services have all the rights and benefits inherent in the place of origin.

Article 75.º

Entry into Force This law comes into force on the first day of the month immediately following its publication.

Article 76.º


  1. When this law comes into force the legal precepts having regard to the attributions and organisation of SEF in articles 1 to 8, 10 to 34, ness 2, 3 and 4 of article 38 and articles 40 to 4 of Decree-Law n° 440/86, of 31 December are revoked.
  2. Until the legislation envisaged in article 64 is published the legal and implementing precepts that do not contradict what is laid down in this law, continue to be applied, namely those in:
    1. Decree-Law n.º 440/86, of 31 December;
    2. Decree-Law n.º 198/88, of 31 May;
    3. Decree-Law n.º 372/88 of 17 October;
    4. Decree-Law n.º 360/89, of 18 October;
    5. Decree-Law n.º 160/92, of 1 August;
    6. Decree-Law n.º 120/93, of 16 April;
    7. Decree-Law n.º 98/96, of 19 July;
    8. Decree-Law n.º 228/96, of 29 November;
    9. Decree-Law n.º 108/97, of 8 May

Seen and approved in the Council of Ministers on 24 August. 2000. - António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres - Jaime José Matos da Gama - Fernando Manuel dos Santos Gomes - Joaquim Augusto Nunes Pina Moura - Eduardo Luís Barreto Ferro Rodrigues - António Luís Santos Costa - Alberto de Sousa Martins - Maria de Belém Roseira Martins Coelho Henriques de Pina. Promulgated on 2 October 2000.
Hereby passed.

The President of the Republic, JORGE SAMPAIO.
Ratified on 4 October, 2000.
The Prime Minister, António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres.

Chart to which article 65 refers
Management personnel (see chart in original document)
(as referred to in n.º 1 of article 51)
(see table in original document)

ANNEX II (as referred to in n.º 1 of article 54)
Mixed posts
(see table in original document)