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23 July 2007
NOTICE – Enforcement of the New Immigration Law

1 – From the date of 3rd of August 2007 onwards, the New Immigration Law will come into force (Law 23/2007 of 4th July).

2 – Up to the publishing and coming into force of the Regulation of Law 23/2007 the new legal framework is applicable, and the present Regulation Decree (6/2004 of 26th April 2004) is in force in all matters that are coincident with the new legislation.

3 – The new law does not contemplate any extraordinary and aleatory regularization of foreign citizens in illegal position. However, it exceptionally opens the possibility of granting a Residence Permit for working purposes to foreigners who are able to prove having entered and remained in Portugal in a regular manner.

4 – It must be emphasised that the New Law does not hinder the Portuguese Brazilian Agreement on mutual contracting of nationals (Lula Agreement), that allows the regularisation of Brazilian nationals who have entered Portugal up to the 11th July 2003, as well as the continuation and conclusion of the regularization process started in 2004 (CTT process).

5 – The new Law will revoke the previous framework that established quotas for specific Professional activities.

6 – Up to the moment of establishing a new global and flexible contingent of Job opportunities, there are available (without any partition) the previously identified job opportunities and the admission of citizens for work purposes will depend upon the principle of communitarian preference.

7 – That means that a job offer can only be taken by a third country national , provided it has not been taken by an European Union citizen, by an European Economic Space citizen, or by a foreigner who resides legally in Portugal.

8 – SEF will, meanwhile, continue to receive and deal with all applications delivered by foreign citizens concerning any rights or pursues either present or future.