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28th March 2007
Press Release – Portuguese – Spanish Seminar on Security Documents

Press Release – Portuguese – Spanish Seminar on Security Documents
Press Release – Portuguese – Spanish Seminar on Security Documents

From the 28th to the 30th of March a Portuguese-Spanish Seminar on Security Documents will take place in Vilar Formoso. This event was agreed between the Portuguese Aliens and Borders Service and the Spanish authorities during one of their last joint meetings. I In order to learn more about the works of this Seminar, all press is invited to be present, tomorrow, 29th March, at 12.00 p.m. at Hotel Lusitano, in Vilar Formoso, to attend a press conference in which the Director-General of the Aliens and Borders Service, Dr. Manuel Palos will be available to answer any questions.
Back Ground

Within the context of the compensatory measures of the Schengen Agreements, Portugal and Spain have created a Joint Border Station, which is a new structure with the purpose of developing Portuguese Spanish police cooperation in the borderline between the two countries, namely in what concerns the combat against illegal immigration and all offences related to it, especially the networks of illegal immigration, forgery and unlawful use of documents.

The status, mostly operational, of such Joint Border Stations, derives above all from the accomplishing of mobile controls done jointly by the security forces of both countries. This kind of controls, in what concerns document checking, is accomplished through a simple and quick observation of the validity / genuineness of the identity and travelling documents presented.

In order to eliminate the possibility of any evidence of documental fraud in the most effective manner, it is deemed indispensable for all agents to be subject to continuous training, regarding both the adoption of new documents, and the unveiling of new forms of fraud as well as the modus operandi.

Thus, this Portuguese – Spanish Seminar upholds as its main target and in accordance to the previous ones, to supply the required accurate and updated knowledge to the staff (approximately 55 trainees of both nationalities) that perform the above mentioned document controls.

It is therefore intended to increase the capacity for detecting false and forged documents. The team of trainers is composed of experts from the Portuguese Aliens and Border Service (Department of Documental Identification and Expertise) and experts of the CNP (Central Brigade for Document Forgery, Commission for Foreigners and Documentation – Spain).

Beyond its general target this Seminar has specific pedagogic goals oriented towards its recipients

– The members of staff from the various security forces that deal in such matters and who require, in order to perform their multiple tasks, an up to date and continuous training.

- To qualify the trainees of the various security forces who deal with document examination and control, specifically within the context of movement of citizens, with the necessary technical and practical knowledge that allows them to identify genuine documents and eliminates the possibility of forgery in European documents, and particularly in Portuguese and Spanish documents;

- To provide the indispensable technical knowledge to the participants that enable them to identify the elementary characteristics of security, pertaining to genuine documents; It is also intended that the participants:

-Are capable of identifying the typical behaviour of false documents holders: profile and motives; -Are able to identify the use of documents pertaining to a third party:
-Acquire a method for document checking, independently from its original nationality;
-Know how to use, in an adequate manner, the basic equipment for aiding the detection of false documents;
-Identify the various traces of document fraud and link them to the various types of forgery.